Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In Which The New Year Demands Finishing the Description of the Journey, if a bit late....

It is the new year.  Topics for blogging (about America--various tourist sites, travel and other odd assortments of our amusing culture) are stacking up, so I will attempt to finish the highlights of our excellent adventure interspersed with other topics such as television, film, music, food.

Speaking of food, I'm making this the year of Chopped.  The Foot Network show inspires me to comb my cupboards, refrigerator and freezer and combine random foods to make meals.  The result is less waste.   Tonight's hit:  brown rice, a can of chopped tomatoes, chicken broth, seasonings, garlic sauteed with olive oil and red pepper flakes...cooked in a rice steamer.  I stirred in frozen roasted corn, peas, chopped ham and chopped jalapeno turkey sausage.  Served with salad, it makes a decent little family dinner.  Cheap, too.