Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Really, Sunset Magazine?  Really?  We want to go green as your subscription link suggests:   But when I arrived at your link to purchase a subscription, here are the options.  On the front page, I can load up my payment info and choose to order a 1 year subscription for $16 or a two-year plan for $24.  The two-year deal is obviously a better deal and still affordable.  But, on this page, I can't enter information for a gift, which is my intent.  In the upper right corner, Sunset offers a link to purchase a gift.  Ah!  I click.  I have only ONE option.  Sure, it's a steal of a deal... two gift subscriptions for $16.  Problem is, I can't think of anyone else to get the subscription for.  I just want a 2 year for one person but that's not an option.  I get it.  You want more subscribers, but I'm really thinking green, which means I don't want to send a magazine to someone who doesn't really want it.  More choices and more flexibility on that page and you've got yourselves a deal.

While this is a mild irritant, it seems to be one of many.  A lot of companies are running under the direction of the numbers crunchers to the point it's not at all about what the customer wants, but what sells more and makes it more convenient to the seller.  Yeah, I know.  First World problems.  I think I'll go sample some whine.