Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad Blogger

The following is actually what I wrote last night, having had a bad encounter with Blogger.  Made me just slightly irate.

Blogger ate a finished post just when I tried to post it.  And it was a pretty good post where I had outlined some of the more outlandish roadside attractions that popped up during our research.  I tried and tried to create a post and kept getting the message Bad Request.  What do you mean Bad Request?  Am I asking you to rob a bank, Blogger?  
So, during the course of this road trip, I’m likely to post things on one day bearing a clarifying date...indicating that Blogger had gone a little Glenn Beck on us (ie unstable) and we had to put the notes into a Pages document for later uploading.  Google, we love you, but what’s going on with Blogger?   It will get better.  

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