Thursday, June 30, 2011

Packing With ADHD

This is also what I tried to post last night.

Very little is actually accomplished toward tomorrow’s departure, but I’ve got a lot of piles around the house.  Amid the frantic dashing around, I managed to get nicely distracted enough to complete a good two hours of unpacking my office, which will make my husband happy.  Sort of.  It’s not done yet and I have hours of preparation and packing to do yet.  Dixon and I share the trait of....Squirrel!!!!!!!
A little laundry here, a few books there.  Dishes, snacks and lists. 
Strategy- take heavier stuff in the car this trip.  But how much can you fit into a Prius? 

Magazines, a new road atlas, about 30 hours of books on tape (we'll have to drive through Kansas,) and 12 place settings  of really fancy dishes--paid $26 a box at Ross.  It'll be a little like camping in a high rise.  

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  1. What highway will you be taking through Kansas? I can TOTALLY hook you up with wonderful and bizarre things to see. I used to work on the advertising for the Kansas Department of Tourism AND I used to work on Kansas! Magazine. Ask Mrs. K. I sent her to the World's Largest Ball of String.
    -Leslie in Hiawatha (Kansas)